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Flexible rental terms

Flexible rental terms on Online AVL Complete


In September 2012 we were excited to be offered the opportunity to be the only whitelabel dealer for Navman Wireless, who monitor more than 190,000 vehicles owned by over 16,000 organisations on five continents The fact that this gives our customers the same great system that all Navman Wireless clients receive, but we have the added flexibility of offering contract terms of just 1 year, and offer excellent customer service.

Since 2012, we have added a variety of clients to our database, large and small etc

The forefront of vehicle tracking

The fullest expression of OnlineAVL Technology. A serious management tool for businesses committed to optimising efficiencies across the breadth of their operations. Combining the core benefits of our entire range, with the most comprehensive selection of features easily accessible below the surface. Rewards fully trained users with the ability to wield the full power of OnlineAVL Technology and yield maximum return on investment.

Vehicle Maintenance

Effectively manage your operational capacity and equipment condition. Receive automatic alerts and notifications when work is due Schedule and log all maintenance Minimise downtime Ensure legal compliance and accordance with leasing regulations

Job Despatch Forms

Ensure consistency in all your communications. Customisable fixed fields ensure all essential information is in every communication Full two-way messaging with a complete audit trail (requires M-Nav or MDT device)


Integration of leading suppliers delivers the strongest solution. OnlineAVL Technology integrates with business management tools from other specialists A seamless combination of the best the market has to offer

Report Suite

The definitive collection of fleet data and analytics. Comprehensive selection for in-depth analysis and detailed performance benchmarking, including: Executive Reporting Speed Analysis Fleet Utilisation Maintenance Monitoring LCZ/LEZ Reporting

Enhanced Geo-Search

Go back in time with ease to see your fleet’s movements. Retrospectively monitor historic vehicle journeys Simple and powerful Answer invoicing queries quickly Assess the significance of vehicle traffic anywhere, from anytime Removes the need to set up the locations beforehand

What does Vehicle Tracking mean for various departments within your organisation?

Fleet Manager

Operating a fleet is so much easier with vehicle tracking. The Navman Wireless system distils information into relevant reports to help fleet managers see where fuel costs can be cut overtime reduced and driver and vehicle safety improved.

  1. Increase productivity - When a customer calls, all you have to do is key in his postcode and we'll tell you which of your vehicles is nearest to the job - saving you both time and fuel
  2. Find out who is doing what and where, so you can allocate jobs more efficiently
  3. Plan your routes to regular jobs more efficiently-Every time a driver returns to the yard, you get an alert - so you can make sure they're back out and on the next job as soon as possible
  4. Cut fuel costs - • Ensure drivers keep their speed down and drive more fuel efficiently by identifying drivers who speed regularly.

Sales Team

For your Sales Director or Manager, vehicle tracking means sales areas and customers are much easier to allocate and schedule to your staff. Plus in-car integrated navigation and messaging gives a seamless link from back office and sales staff to the customer to help deliver first class customer service.

  1. Sales Manager - e confident that your salespeople have arrived on time & receive immediate feedback on sales meetings
  2. Sales Exexcutive - Instantly producing mileage and expense claims but control your privacy during private usage

Finance Director

For those responsible for finance, the benefits of vehicle tracking will quickly become obvious. The technology is geared to helping drive efficiencies in resource allocation, fuel cost savings and squeezing more jobs into a day. All benefits to the bottom line!

  1. Cut overtime and expense costs - it is estimated that around 45% of companies are victims of expense fraud, including missing petrol receipts and 'padded' mileage claims. With verified vehicle tracking records, you can say goodbye to inflated overtime and mileage claims


For your accounts team, vehicle tracking can help to automate many, slow manual tasks, plus help to speed up billing and deal with customer queries. From automatic timesheet and mileage claim reports to guaranteed proof of attendance at a job, accounts teams will always be able to make the most of the system.

  1. Confirm exactly how long drivers spent on site, helping you to provide quick and accurate invoicing - improving cashflow


Vehicle tracking gives your first line support team visibility over all your vehicles, meaning they can instantly answer customer queries and improve customer service and satisfaction.

  1. Improve customer service - give customers ETA information instantly

Human Resources

For your HR team, vehicle tracking provides valuable information to ensure you and your drivers comply with all the necessary legislation:

  1. In-depth reporting allows you to monitor how effectively your drivers are performing and how productive they are to support appraisals
  2. Working Time Directive reports help you to schedule your mobile workforce to ensure that they don't break the drive time limits specified by the legislation. You can also set up alerts to tell drivers when they haven't taken enough rest breaks stopping them from working too many hours and potentially driving dangerously

Risk Manager

Any organisation operating vehicles has a considerable responsibility to ensure that both drivers and vehicles are up to the job. Vehicle tracking provides many safeguards to ensure your company keeps on the right side of the law:

  1. Vehicle tracking doesn't just save money, it can also save lives
  2. Companies using tracking have tangible proof of their ongoing commitment to new duty of care responsibilities under last year's Corporate Manslaughter Act
  3. Our Duty of Care module puts the onus on your drivers to complete an initial vehicle safety check every day, safeguarding your drivers from vehicle risks such as bald tyres, low air pressure or faulty lights

Hear what our clients have to say:

  • In our experience over the past two years SmartFits Installations Limited provide a professional and friendly service; they are always accommodating when our equipment requires a technical poke or a more in depth site assessment, visiting the vehicle at a location and date to suit us.
    WT Parker Group Limited - Fleet Manager
  • We at BTS Goup Ltd have used Smartfits for all our tracking needs over the past few years the service we received is second to none and a nice smooth transfer to the new trackers. We have also used them for all our aftermarket towbars and handsfree needs supplying only the best equipment at the best prices. Thank you for your continued aftersales service.
    Steve - Bts Fleet Operations Manager.