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There are 3 main types of towbar available; 2 Bolt Flangeball, Swan-neck & Detachable. Your choice is largely down to personal preference but can be dictated by your intended use for the towbar. The most commonly used type of towbar in this country is the Flangeball, where the towball is bolted to the towbar with 24mm bolts. This is the most versatile design of towbar because it can be used with towball mounted accessories. Cycle carriers, stabiliser plates & bumper protection plates can all be easily fixed securely behind the towball. The main downside is that this type of towbar is more likely to trigger your reverse parking aids if you have them fitted to your vehicle. Some people prefer a Swan-Neck towbar where the towball is part of the neck of the towbar. This type of bar can look better on the vehicle but is less versatile. Due to the neck being narrower, it is less likely to interfere with the reverse parking aids on your vehicle. The Swan-Neck can also be used with a Alko Stabiliser without the need for modification. When fitted to a vehicle, a Detachable towbar looks very similar to a Swan-Neck towbar. However, you can remove the bar when the towbar is not in use, leaving little or nothing of the towbar to be seen. As well as a towbar, you will also need electrics, whether it’s to power a light board on your trailer or cycle carrier, or a complete system to power your caravan. There are 3 types available. Single Electrics are all you will need if you will only be towing a trailer. They will provide power from the towbar to the lights on a trailer. Twin Electrics are used if you will be towing a caravan. They provide power to operate the caravans interior lights, run the fridge and charge the battery whilst towing. 13 Pin Electrics are standard in most other countries and will slowly replace the two separate sockets used in this country. All caravans manufactured in the UK from 2008 will be fitted with an ISO 13 pin connector as standard. This system uses one socket with 13 pins inside, instead of the standard two separate 7 pin sockets. This is used if your caravan is imported and is fitted with a 13 pin plug. It must also be used on some vehicles that have detachable towbars but with no room to mount the two separate sockets. If your vehicle is fitted with the 13 pin plug and your caravan has two 7 pin sockets, conversion leads are available.


Having manufactured more than 12 million towbars for use with cars and light commercial vehicles, WESTFALIA is one of the leading manufacturers of towbars across the world. Their products are specially developed in cooperation with the automobile industry to match each vehicle model.

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  • In our experience over the past two years SmartFits Installations Limited provide a professional and friendly service; they are always accommodating when our equipment requires a technical poke or a more in depth site assessment, visiting the vehicle at a location and date to suit us.
    WT Parker Group Limited - Fleet Manager
  • We at BTS Goup Ltd have used Smartfits for all our tracking needs over the past few years the service we received is second to none and a nice smooth transfer to the new trackers. We have also used them for all our aftermarket towbars and handsfree needs supplying only the best equipment at the best prices. Thank you for your continued aftersales service.
    Steve - Bts Fleet Operations Manager.

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