Parking Aids

designed to give audible and visual warning of unseen hazards behind your vehicle

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At SmartFits we stock a range of high quality parking aids

Parking Aids

Smartfits Parking Aids

At SmartFits we stock a range of high quality parking aids designed to give audible and visual warning of unseen hazards behind your vehicle. Our sensors can also be colour coded to match the exact colour of your bumper, giving a factory finished look. If required a screen can be mounted in the vehicle giving visual aid of the hazard. Parking aids are an electronic distance monitoring system. It electronically scans the area behind your vehicle providing warning of anything in your path. When you put the vehicle into reverse, the system will beep once to acknowledge the sensors are on, and if applicable the audio screen ill flash once. The sensor heads are very discreet measuring 20mm in diameter, the same size as a 1p coin and protruding just 2mm from the bumper. Not only do they make parking less stressful and safer, they could pay for themselves in a short time. The excess on your vehicle insurance usually means you’ll end up paying the full cost of any relatively minor damage, or it could mean the loss of a no claims bonus or a personal injury claim. Far worse is the chance of a child stepping out behind you to cross the road as you are about to reverse. Few of us might admit we feel uncomfortable having to park in tight spaces. A set of parking sensors will not correct bad technique but will help to make the average driver more confident, and the reduction in stress levels makes it worthwhile. Please call our team to discuss your needs. You will need to decide whether you require your sensors fitted to the front, the rear, or both; whether you want 2 or 4 sensors installed, if you require the sensors to be colour-coded, and if you need extra visual aid.

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  • In our experience over the past two years SmartFits Installations Limited provide a professional and friendly service; they are always accommodating when our equipment requires a technical poke or a more in depth site assessment, visiting the vehicle at a location and date to suit us.
    WT Parker Group Limited - Fleet Manager
  • We at BTS Goup Ltd have used Smartfits for all our tracking needs over the past few years the service we received is second to none and a nice smooth transfer to the new trackers. We have also used them for all our aftermarket towbars and handsfree needs supplying only the best equipment at the best prices. Thank you for your continued aftersales service.
    Steve - Bts Fleet Operations Manager.

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