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Car And Commercial Cameras

This is a forward facing camera which is installed in the vehicle designed to look out onto the road. This is designed to continuously record and therefore can be used to protect the driver during an accident as the footage can be used to prove accident details.

There has been a rising number of “crash for cash” scams where the aim is to deliberately stage or induce an accident that never happened:
  1. In the simplest scenario, a car may pull in front of you and brake sharply and suddenly giving you no chance to avoid going into the back of them. Alternatively they may appear to accelerate away from traffic lights or a roundabout normally only to brake sharply for no obvious reason.
  2. In other examples drivers have reported a car in front slamming on the brakes suddenly when approaching a pedestrian crossing - even though the road ahead was completely clear and there were no pedestrians near or on the crossing.
  3. There have been many reports of fraudsters going so far as to disconnect the brake lights on their vehicle so that following vehicles have even less chance of stopping in time to avoid the collision

Flash for cash

'Flash for cash' is a more recent phenomenon in which the fraudsters flash their headlights at an innocent driver, apparently to beckon you out of a junction, shops or petrol filling station, only to speed up and induce a crash for which you will be blamed – “I was driving along normally and you just pulled out without looking!”
forwardfaceing camera

Hear what our clients have to say:

  • In our experience over the past two years SmartFits Installations Limited provide a professional and friendly service; they are always accommodating when our equipment requires a technical poke or a more in depth site assessment, visiting the vehicle at a location and date to suit us.
    WT Parker Group Limited - Fleet Manager
  • We at BTS Goup Ltd have used Smartfits for all our tracking needs over the past few years the service we received is second to none and a nice smooth transfer to the new trackers. We have also used them for all our aftermarket towbars and handsfree needs supplying only the best equipment at the best prices. Thank you for your continued aftersales service.
    Steve - Bts Fleet Operations Manager.